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"We are sensitive but strong , fertil and powerful, and we need care.

From the storms I create.

Being alive as a woman, as a mother ,as a human being inspires me to keep making art.

art moves me"


Born in Brasil, 1982 - studied graphic design

Moved to Bali in 2010 where her work was heavily influenced by the local culture. Now, the vibrant colors are interwoven with flowing lines composing a dense texture. Her works reached to the public when was initially part of the art collective "Asu Art Attack" taking her art in exhibitions such as: "Lintang Blambangan" - Banyuwangi - Java -2011; "One Billion Raising Bali" - Suarti Maestro Gallery Sanur - Bali -2013, "Balinese My Friends" - SIKA Gallery-Bali, 2014; “Hari Ini” Fundacao Cultural de Foz do Iguacu , Brasil 2014.

Cleise currently lives in Brazil, working as a painter and illustrator. :)

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